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SuperGlaze in Idaho Falls

4002 E.  400 N.
Rigby, ID  83442

Why SuperGlaze

This family owned business has thousands of satisfied customers, many of whom continue to use their services year after year...

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By far the most common service we provide to customers, bathtub resurfacing is a great alternative to costly fixture replacement.

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Why Resurface Your Fixture?

Fixture replacement is the primary way that is used to resolve issues with appearance, functionality, or sanitary problems. When homeowners, landlords, and commercial building owners get estimates on these repairs they are often stunned to think about the thousands of dollars, the days or weeks of down time, and the frustration with dealing with multiple contractors to get a job done. Do-It-Yourself individuals feel the frustration of mistakes and miscalculations as well as the demands on a busy schedule.

“With the minimal expense of refinishing and replacing your hardware, your fixtures and counter tops will be like brand new!”


Resurfacing resolves almost all the same problems that replacement addresses, but it does it at a minimal comparative cost, and with much faster turn around times. A bathtub can be resurfaced for around $350, and used the next day. High quality coatings provide lasting results, and can be applied around busy schedules.

So, call SuperGlaze today for all of your fixture repair and resurfacing and avoid the high cost of fixture replacement. We guarantee your satisfaction at the quality of work and the price. Call today!