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SuperGlaze in Idaho Falls

4002 E.  400 N.
Rigby, ID  83442

Why SuperGlaze

Aren’t All Resurfacing Companies The Same?


bathtub resurfacing servicesNo, not all resurfacing companies are the same. First of all, you have to ask yourself about the company. Are they going to be able to make good on any warranties they offer? Are they new, are they sound, and do they treat you with respect?Next is the process of the application. Are they using quality equipment to get the correct atomization of the coating? Are they prepping the fixture correctly? Different fixtures require different preparation processes. Will they charge what they said they would? Often contractors tell you a price and give you and excuse why it cost more they bid the project.

Lastly, what products do they use? Anyone can get online and purchase cheap epoxy products to resurface a fixture. Real professionals don’t use epoxy for the topcoat. Epoxy chips easier, discolors with UV rays (sunlight), does not do as well as other coatings for temperature shock (using the fixture), and requires days to cure.


Why SUPERGlaze?


First of all, SuperGlaze is a subsidiary of Early Bird Contractors. Early Bird has been providing quality solutions to customers since 1976. This family owned business has thousands of satisfied customers, many of whom continue to use their services year after year. With the financial strength of an almost 4 decade old company, you will know we will do exactly what we said we would do.

bathtub-refinishing-resurfacing-reglazing-idaho-falls-idSuperGlaze employees were personally trained by one of the pioneers in bathtub resurfacing. The trainer has been resurfacing since the 70’s and is considered one of the foremost authorities on bathtub resurfacing. You will know once you have seen the work SuperGlaze has performed for hundreds of clients just like you that we are truly a professional in this field.

Our coatings are purchased from a company who has been exclusively researching and developing bathtub resurfacing coatings for over 30 years. With constant innovation, they have developed products and techniques that can provide an even better coating they you could imagine for your fixture. With epoxy coatings, you had to wait days to use a fixture. With our advanced coatings, you can use the fixture the next day! Our coatings don’t change color due to UV rays, and they can flex to drastic temperature differences. Our coatings are of such high gloss that they are almost indistinguishable from the original porcelain, fiberglass, or acrylic!

Please call us and discuss how our coatings have made epoxy a coating of the past.

SuperGlaze has resurfaced nearly 1,000 Tubs.
Why not yours?